Zandvliet opened its doors in 1983 in Macassar as an old age home and was successfully managed by the Helderberg Society for the Aged for 23 years.  On 1 March 2006, Pastor Alan Smith took over the reins and changed the name to Zandvliet Care Facility; at the time, caring for 72 elderly persons of which ten percent of the residents were disabled or mentally challenged. In October 2008, 118 new residents were transferred from Lentegeur and Alexandra Hospitals. These residents are all intellectually disabled or mentally challenged and many of them also have physical disabilities.  Zandvliet has the capacity to house 180 residents in total.  Currently we directly employ 70 competent personnel and some 30 outsourced staff of which the majority of our staff are proudly from our community who help us to render quality care and service to our residents.

Our Vision

Zandvliet Care Facility will be recognized by the community and medical professions as leaders in providing professional and specialized long term care for the elderly and disabled. We aim to enhance the quality of life of our residents with dignity and security, by providing an environment characterized by integrity, commitment, compassion and respect for each individual.

Our Mission

We aim to (perform, complete, fulfill) our vision by providing a comprehensive and constant 24-hour residential care plan that includes supported living and disability management, to optimally improve the quality of life of our residents. In accordance with the Mental Health Act and all other relevant legislative frameworks, we envision retaining the upmost dignity and respect of our residents by keeping to ethical standards of human rights, confidentiality and by being accessible to complaints and adaptable to recommendations.

As we regard our residents’ bio-psycho-social wellbeing highly, we aim to improve their daily functioning by implementing a therapeutic intervention plan, compiled and supervised by a trained Occupational Therapist. We also plan to improve family contact by sending reports, photos and invitations to known and living family members of residents.

Regarding the management of our organization, we aim to keep to our organizational strategic plan’s objectives, targets and goals by implementing effective human resource management and development, as well as sufficient professional supervision. We will adhere strictly to the South African Nursing Council Act and Regulations, to ensure that the appropriate nursing care standards are kept at all times.